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An introduction to Hadoop, its services & architecture

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What is Kafka?

  1. Publish and subscribe to streams of records
  2. Store replicas of the streams of records
  3. Process streams of records in real-time

Kafka Usages

  1. As a messaging system
  2. As a storage system
  3. As a stream-processor

As a Messaging System

Messaging system model
  1. A Producer (Publisher)- The client applications that send some messages.
  2. A Broker- Receives messages from publishers and store them.
  3. A Consumer- Reads the messages from the broker.

What is Redis?

  1. Redis is an in-memory, key-value store.
  • In-memory store: Redis keeps the data in the cache and it does not write to the disk. This makes reading/writing data very fast. (However, Redis has an option to write data to the disk)
  • Key-value store: Redis can store data as key-value pairs.
eg: SET "name" "Varuni"
"name" is the Key and "Varuni" is…

  • Stream: An established bidirectional connection which may carry one or more messages
  • Message: A complete sequence of frames that represents a request or response message
  • Frame: The smallest unit of communication in HTTP/2. Each frame contains a frame header which could identify the stream to which the frame belongs.
  • h2: Short term for HTTP/2

Varuni Punchihewa

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